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Sound Fiscal Policies

With over 40 years of management and leadership experience in business, Jim understands the importance of running an operation responsibly and transparently. He will bring sound financial policies and advanced planning to Prosper ISD while prioritizing teacher and classroom spending. This is not only a responsible way forward for our district budget, but for our taxpaying citizens as well.

Academic Excellence Free From Political Agendas

Jim Herblin believes all students in PISD should have access to a quality education grounded on traditional academic studies. Jim will work to keep politically-charged curriculums (CRT, SEL, DEI, sexualization matters, etc.) out of the classroom and instead focus on how to best equip our students to grow, learn, and succeed as they pursue their careers, educations, and lives after graduation. He believes PISD students will be the most competitive in the nation for their desired programs if we teach them “how to think,” instead of “what to think.” Every student’s path is different, which is why Jim will also work with regional employers to identify and increase vocational programs that are needed so that students can get a job as soon as they graduate.

Transparency and Parent Involvement

Transparent practices and open communication between the board, parents, and teachers is the best way to instill trust with the community and foster a partnership that will help our children be successful. Even when it comes to matters like how we should fill an open seat if a vacancy arises, the community deserves a say. As a PISD trustee, Jim won’t allow closed-door decisions that leave the community out in the cold.  He will put parents in the driver’s seat with their children’s education and promote a collaborative approach between all stakeholders to provide the best academic experience for all PISD students.

Support Teachers and Staff 

Prosper ISD is nationally recognized as an exceptional learning environment. This is largely because of our incredible teachers and staff. Jim will strive to maintain that reputation of excellence by retaining the best and brightest teachers and ensuring they have the resources and support they need from the school board, as well as providing the best pay possible to make PISD the employer of choice for educational professionals from across the nation.

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