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“Jim Herblin brings the honesty, tenacity and integrity we desperately need to keep all Texans free. I’m proud to endorse Jim because he is clearly a patriot and not a typical politician.” – Marisa Williams, Precinct Chair

“Jim is a good strong conservative that will stand up and get done what needs to be done. I support Jim.” – Timothy Baker

“Thank you for running! We need your conservative voice in Austin!” – Michael Belt

“Excellent News! Looking forward to supporting you, Jim!” – Liz James

“Stand up for your constitutional rights. It’s only a matter of time before you won’t be able to do anything without the permission of a communist government that will require proof of vaccination. You’re either going to stand up for your rights or not. Do we want Texas to end up like New York?”  – Nicole Ray, Prosper

“Go Jim!” –  Pamela Meaney, Precinct Chair, McKinney

“Thank you for all the information you shared. A breath of fresh air!!! Thank you, Amy, for introducing Jim Herblin for Texas!” – Pam Bird, Celina

Thanks to These Fine Community Members for Their Endorsement!


Paula Adams, Plano
Mike Adams, Plano
Lisa Akerly, Frisco
Jane Anne Sellars, Frisco
Kerry Antwine, Celina
Timothy Baker, McKinney
Jan Baldwin, Allen
Timothy Bates, Precinct Chair
Michael Belt
Mike Bennett, Prosper
Mackenzie Berglund
Pam Bird, Celina
Max Bird, Celina
Dianna Biscan, Plano
Michelle Bishop, Allen
Suzanne Blackstone
Linda Block, Dallas
Joseph Boduch, Frisco
Gary Bohannon, Precinct Chair
Doug Charles, Prosper
Paula Cheek, Allen
Bryan Cole, Precinct Chair, Prosper
Jill Cole, Prosper
Bob Collins, Precinct Chair, Farmersville
Sara Cooper
Fred Costa, Future Precinct Chair, Prosper
Shelly Creel, Prosper
Robin Crenshaw, Celina
Michael Crenshaw, Celina
C.D. Mayfield, Precinct Chair, Melissa
Janelle Davis
Gary Dickson
Dane Douglas, Precinct Chair
Cait Draper, Prosper
Jim Dunson
Martha Dunson
Jared Elad, Precinct Chair
Rachel Elliott, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Kyle Embry, Prosper
Andrew Evans, Precinct Chair, Aubrey
Dallas Fears, Prosper
Roland Feldman, Former Fairview City Council
John Fenter, McKinney
Philip Ferguson, Precinct Chair, Celina
Pat Fix, McKinney
Paul Frueh, Precinct Chair, New Hope
Glen Fulce, Precinct Chair, Allen
Don Gooch, Frisco
Sandra Halsey, Precinct Chair, Plano
Eve Henry, Prosper
Byron Henry, Prosper
David Herron, Retired McKinney Battalion Chief, McKinney Fire Department
Linda Howard, Frisco
Erin Hufstetler, Precinct Chair, Allen
Wade Hulcy, McKinney
Jessica Hulcy, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Jordan Hulcy, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Cindy Hyltin
Liz James, Precinct Chair, Anna
Muniraj Janagarajan, Precinct Chair
Diann Jones, Precinct Chair, Anna
Peg Jurgensmeyer, Celina
Stephen Kallas, Former Precinct Chair, McKinney
Daniel Kim
Sebrena Kimberly, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Tom Klein, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Lucinda Knebel
Debbie Krafcheck, Allen
Gary Kruse, Precinct Chair, SD 30 Resolutions Chair, Royce City
Amy Lancaster, Prosper
Elle Larkin
Eric Lee, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Angie Van Leeuwen, McKinney
Ann Lieber, Former Precinct Chair
Teri Lynn Roberson, Precinct Chair, Celina
Victoria Manusos, Plano
Gina Mara Ottavio, Precinct Chair, Anna
Kathy Markoff
Mary Martin, Precinct Chair, Frisco
Phyllis Mason, Frisco
Jena Masquelier, Frisco
Deborah McClure, The Colony
Gary McClure, The Colony
Jim McLean, SD 30 Resolutions Committee, Lavon
Pamela Meaney, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Ann Mellon-Campbell
Mik Messer, Precinct Chair, McKinney
John Montes, Precinct Captain, McKinney
Kathy Morgan, McKinney
Judith Neal
Donna Orlando, McKinney
Dana Palmer, Precinct Chair
Joanna Patterson, Richardson
Cindy Patterson, Richardson
Jim Pikl, Senate Dist. 8 Committeeman, Texas State Republican Exec. Committee
Tad Preston, Frisco
Melinda Preston, Frisco
Jack Rahner, Prosper
Nicole Ray, Prosper
Josh Reid, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Jim Reinarz, McKinney
Heather Richardson, Former Precinct Chair, Weston Alderman, Weston
Heather Richardson, Frisco, Precinct Chair

Keresa Richardson
Keresa Richardson, McKinney
Kathi-Ann Rivard, Precinct Chair, SD 30 Resolutions Committee, Prosper
Troy Roberson, Precinct Chair
Nancy Robertson, Precinct Chair, McKinney
JJ Roomsburg, Precinct Chair, Melissa
David Russell, Precinct Chair, Wylie
Ann Sampson, Former Precinct Chair, McKinney
Bryan & Sandra Butler, Celina
Jeff Sawyer, Future Precinct Chair, McKinney
Krista Schild, Royce City
Julie Schwanke
Maurice Schwanke
Marilyn Sevin, Precinct Chair, Plano
Sue Silver, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Sarah Simko, Prosper
Kyle Sims, Former Precinct Chair, Former Caucus Chair, McKinney
Dick Smith, Former Precinct Chair, Prosper
Gary Smith, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Heidi Stone, Frisco
Theresa Struckmeyer, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Heather Tanner, True Texas Project Director, Precinct Chair
Michael Thomas
Deborah Thorne, Frisco
John & Trisha Harbus, Prosper
Angie Turnbull
Jim Turner, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Shawn Turner, Prosper
Sonia Vigen, Lucas
Karl Voigtsberger, Precinct Chair, Richardson
Terry Wade, Precinct Chair, Caucus Chair, Plano
Stacey Watts, Precinct Chair
Jennifer White, Frisco
Matt Wied, Precinct Chair, Wylie
Marisa Williams, Precinct Chair, McKinney
Bob Willis
Brenda Willis
Greg Winsor, Corinth
Ivan Wong
Kathy Woolston, Frisco

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